~About Me~


My name is Jenny Elaine and in 2009 my late husband became ill which made it necessary to stay home with him. While at home I started writing a book and in the fall of 2011 my 1st illustrated children's book was published. It's called, "Monsters, Monsters, Monsters!" and is primarily about bullying, although it addresses other issues children and youth face as well. 

Hollywood Preschool - "Christopher Robin"
(Me, in the middle, blue shirt)
I taught and worked with children, families and youth 32+ years.

At present I am writing on various topics related to children and parenting, and have also been endeavoring to put all of my preschool and later elementary homeschool-curriculum, art and learning activities together (that I developed through the years) so they can be used by others...samplings can be seen at - www.hearawhisperat.blogspot.com


I grew up loving artistic expression. At an early age my mother started me in art, dance and drama classes...and like a lot of girls that age, babysitting! So, along with drawing, painting, sculpture and Macram√©...I began to enjoy doing creative things with the kids I cared for.
Later when in Hawaii I took private oil painting lessons...and my parents still have some of those paintings hanging up in their home.

I've lived everywhere from Conn. to Hawaii...been to Mexico and Canada several times, as well as Europe.

After High School I attended a small private fine art school here in MN (Atelier Lack School of Studio Art) and also received training as a professional clown around the same time. 

The following are some of the most special moments in my life ~

In 1987 I graduated with a 4.0 from a 2 year ECE program at Palomar Collage in CA with a certification to teach in Early Childhood Education. Through the years I've worked in about every area of this field...teaching, directing, daycare co-owner...ran summer programs with youth and did nanny work for various families as well. Additionally, a home-school teacher and tutor for special needs kids.

I received the third place award in a mixed media competition for the following water
color at the "Little Strokes Gallery. http://littlestrokesgallery.com/mixed2011.php

I was the head of the art department for www.Artstee.com, which is an online company that creates designs for T-shirts. I primarily did the designs for the ChariTees program.

Also received a special award for one of my hand-made dolls in the L.A. County Fair. (I moved here to MN in '03 not long after)

I was asked to provide this  "Southern Bell" design for the Sacred Heart Garden Festival in April of this last year.

It wish I could have attended...

Additionally, I had one of my Typography pieces (below) accepted in a fine art book published by Art Impressions 


As a multi-media artist, and a person who cares about and advocates for children and families, I endeavor to continue doing what I love, which is creating art and working with children and families ~ which are two things that blend together well! :)

Jenny Sorge



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  2. Wow! You've traveled alot and done so many different things!
    What a fun and amazing journey serving the Lord. ;-)

  3. Hey Jenny,

    It was a pleasure to meet you, I really enjoyed our conversation and all that you had to share about yourself, after reading your blog it shows how true of a person you really are,I will continue to follow your blog and recommend it to others. Tell your wonderful Aunt hello for me she is truely a wonderful person and I enjoyed her as well.

    Rita Matthews

    1. It was great meeting you too Rita...I hope to chat again soon....please give me a call sometime at 612-354-0093...I think we could probably chat up a storm! :)