Faux Sweets & Chocolates

~Faux "Forever-Lasting" Cakes and Favors~

Real looking cakes and tortes. The very top layer can be created to match or compliment your wedding cake...to keep always and remind you about your special day. It can be made to replace a cake topper or made especially to hold it!

Additionally, a cake or torte would make a special centerpiece for each of your tables...then given away as a door prize. :)

Please click on images to enlarge...

1) This is a 'Trinket Box Cake'...the top opens to reveal a hidden place. I can create it in the size and shape you prefer...as well as the colors and decorations.

     2) This was a Golden Rose Chocolate Cake centerpiece that was donated to a silent auction
3) This was commissioned to be a Chocolate Chip Torte centerpiece for a banquet.

4) This cake and it's slice was commissioned for a Christmas Party Centerpiece....then given to one of the guests as a door prize.


5) These are individual "Sees" candy magnets that also make wonderful favors. The ones shown just below where put in a vintage candy box and given as a gift.  



8) They become special remembrances for your guests! They can each be decorated to suit... and with magnet added to the underside of each.


These "cake slices" were created to be tree ornaments (thus, the wire). However, the size, shape, colors and decorations can be made to suit your purposes. 
Please call me about your questions, requests (always welcomed!) and details...
~Jenny @ 952-454-3105~

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