A Study in Light by Jenny Elaine

Light is a wonderful thing...or so they say.
Light makes it possible to see color and beauty. However light also helps create reflection and exposure...which sometimes doesn't feel so wonderful. As seeing myself for what I truly am can be frightening and painful. Seeing myself the way others clearly see me can even be more scary...and getting a glimpse of the truth behind the mask I wear can be the most terrifying of all. 
Insecurities show themselves well in the light.
But light lets me see the flowers in my life up close as well...if I'll look. 
Trying to get away from the light can sometimes be impossible, because it is everywhere...even in the fanciful places where I think I can find rest from it finding me. One can't hide in the light.
Trying to catch it at just the right time can be just as impossible...as it blows away as fast as it appears. Yet, light helps me see the things I need to let go of as well...
To live in the moment...and allow the child in me live. To allow myself to let things go.
Deep pain cannot stay deep very long in the light.
However, light also shows me that I am alive with much potential. It exposes the truth so I can heal. It exposes and magnifies the lies so I can let them go...and allows me the opportunity to finally uncover the truth that I am real, worthy, somebody...and maybe even beautiful.  
I can't seem to stick to one style, so as you will see I'd be considered eclectic...which is perfectly fine by me. :) Each unique mixed media piece is available as a giclee' on archival paper or canvas.  Please contact me for details. 952-454-3105
Unsure Beauty
Exposing The Beauty Inside
                                                                        Light Is 
If You Only knew
To Let The Child In Me Live
Under The Smile
Light Is All Around
Up Close

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