Elegant Photo Matting and Invitations

The following began as pen & ink drawings. They were intricately drawn with white or other color inks on 12x12" archival cardstock, then scanned into the computer...and I will digitally alter to fit your needs. Please look through the samples below...

Keep in mind that I can alter to suit. Before printing I can add or remove flowers, and I can most often change the color shading to match (as closely as possible) to your choice. Add lovely wording too! They can be sized to be used as invitations...or to house your beautiful wedding photos (which I can do digitally and will gladly do this for you as well)...and then they will be ready for framing!

After printing I can use fine glitter or metallic pen & ink to embellish.

The sky is the limit as far as how creative I can be....


                                                                     Rose Tapestry


                                                                        Vintage Lace


                                                                   Lace & Roses


                                                                      Lavender & Lace


                                                                         Garden Lace

More to come!
Now please be sure to visit this page as well...for beautiful lettering ~ http://missyejones.blogspot.com/p/custommade.html 

                                             Contact - Jenny @ 952-454-3105

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