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Jennifer E. Sorge  




Jenny grew up in a Navy family and never knew when she would be moving. So, to her, it meant she was always the new kid on the block...which usually brought on a number of different challenges.


What kept her going was her imagination and love for drawing, painting and creating. She would fill pads and pads of paper with very inventive images...or spend time creating all kinds of imaginative creations in the kitchen! 


 When possible her mother would enroll her in art related classes…so she took oil painting, sculpting, macramé, ballet and drama. Jenny’s mother (who was a seamstress herself) also taught her to sew...and so she loved (and still loves!) designing and making everything from pillows to the re-creating of an existing dress!

 When they were stationed in San Diego, CA she became a part of the Balboa Children’s Puppet Theatre Group and was in various productions…one of her favorites being, “Witch’s Candy”. Then later, when they were stationed in Hawaii, Jenny took Hawaiian dance and was then in shows…and also taught it to the neighborhood kids for 75 cents a lesson! 


After high school in ‘76, she moved from Colorado back to her birthplace of Minnesota and went on to begin her work with young children as her heart for kids grew. She often felt lost growing up moving so much, so helping children deal with various feelings just seemed natural. This lead her to a life and career in education with many diverse experiences. A life in which she at times worked with wee children...and then at other times high school youth and families.


In addition, Jenny worked and attended a fine art school in Minneapolis. During this time, she also became interested in Clowning and went through clowning instruction with a troupe that was just forming called the "Agape Clowns"...then traveled with it doing shows throughout the upper Midwest.


Then in ‘84, she moved to California to be near family, and attended Palomar College to receive her Certification in ECE, graduating with a 4.0, along with an award for the most outstanding student.



Needless to say, it was quite natural for her to incorporate her love for art and creativity into her love of teaching. So, during her almost 32+ years of working with children and families, she created her own curriculum that incorporated many learning activities that have a very distinctive artistic touch!


She also got the opportunity to cook for a private school where she was able to learn from the chef before her...before he took off to France to continue his culinary career! This gave way for her own catering business later on where she planned and prepared the foods (sometimes with help :) for various size "Teas", gatherings and parties.



Jenny was also very interested in history and became a member of a Victorian Society. Then along with the other members, gave themed “Teas” each month…and made her own Anne of Green Gables outfit with a vintage turn-of-the-century riding hat to top it off! She also created/creates Faux Cakes and Candy as centerpieces or favors.




Now, as you take a look at Jenny Elaine’s work you will see her heart for children and youth...and for color, texture, design and imagination! 

Work Experiences (32+ yrs):

*Teaching, Directing & Working with 3 yr olds - Kindergarten

*Private Home-School Instructor ~ 12 yr old/special needs

*Curriculum Development ~ for children 3 yrs old to 7th grade. Sample here: http://hearawhisperat.blogspot.com/p/program-we-learn-from-spiders.html

*Tutor/Nanny ~ 2nd - 7th grades

*Summer & Special Program Development ~ Pre-K through 6th grade

*In-Home Sick Child Care Attendant

*High School Youth Ministry

*Writer - Parenting Blog, Children's book on bullying and self-worth

*Sunday School Superintendent

*Caterer and Party Planner
*Cook for Private School



*Atelier Lack School of Art Minneapolis, MN ‘81-’82

*Palomar College ‘85-’87 4.0 Certified in Early Childhood Education

*Self-Study and Various Conferences

*B.E.S.T. Arts Conferences ‘00-‘02



In Recent Years:

*Jenny Elaine Gallery



*Art Department Head



*Parenting Blog and Curriculum



*Published Author and Artist of Children‘s book, “Monsters, Monsters, Monsters!”, about bullying. Published by P.A.


*Art-A-Whirl 2011


*3rd Place Award - Mixed Media


 Please see "About Me" as well...Thank you!!


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